Random House

Random House Living LanguageĀ® iOS Apps

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Grand Junction Railroad

Delightful locomotive simulator that places users at the controls of classic steam locomotives.

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Medical Application

Real-time, database-driven medical application.

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DIY Seder

Document reader puts a new spin on a 2,000+ year old tradition.

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The world's only iPhone remote control for passenger elevators.

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gogoDocs Google Docs/Drive Reader. Efficient, offline access to your documents.

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Top flight mobile software development and technical project management.

Enharmonic is a boutique software development collective specializing in iOS (iPhone/iPad) development and mentoring as well as custom web and desktop applications. The company calls regularly on a collective of high quality developers and designers, scaling teams on demand based on project needs. The core group of resources in our pool is around twelve and steadily growing, including a core iOS team and additional developers specializing in server platforms such as PHP and Oracle.